When a Construction Site Requires a New Glazier Swms

Writing an Effective Glass Installation Safe Work Method Statement

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A glazier is a person who works with glass - setting up, fixing, or changing glass in commercial, industrial, or property structures or in automobiles. The primary duties of a glazier consist of: Cutting, grinding, polishing and drilling glass. Handling of sheets of glass in the warehouse, during transport, and at the work site.

Using adhesives, sealants and caulks. Utilizing, cleansing and preserving numerous kinds of equipment. Administrative jobs such as preparing quotes and invoices, monitoring assistants, and ensuring compliance with building regulations.

Industrial glass makers and producers must put in the time to inform both their workers and customers about basic glass handling and security preventative measures. Doing so not just helps lower the danger of glass damage and injuries on the task, but also reassures customers that the company makes the handling of their customized product and safety top priorities.

Using the Glass Installation Swms Properly

At Dillmeier Glass Companya fourth-generation Glass Installation and Glazing Safe Work Method Statement glass producer whose tempering process is accredited yearly by the not-for-profit Safety Glazing Certification Council (SGCC)annealed glass is measured, heated in a tempering oven, cut and cleaned up. This produces stress, and thus, stress, inside the glass, while the outside is compressed, making the material stronger and much safer to deal with.

Care ought to be taken while cleaning up glass, as it is prone to movement - SWMS. If glass comes into contact with a hard or sharp things when being dealt with, it can get scratched or broken, breaking spontaneously.

International requirements organization ASTM International's C 1048 standards permit acnes in glass, including nickel sulfide, between 0. Such inclusions might trigger spontaneous glass breakage, however there isn't any recognized technology completely removing their formation in float glass.

Implementing the Glazier Swms Effectively

Constantly use security glasses with side guards and gloves when moving or dealing with glass. Inspect the glass prior to moving it to ensure there isn't any damage that may cause spontaneous glass damage.

Do NOT bring it over your head or under your arms - Glazing SWMS. Do not let any surface area bump or hit the glass' edges or corners. When setting glass on the floor, or other any other surface area, gently place it down on the long edge. Do not position glass straight on tough surface areas.


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Wrap or cover glass in blankets, or other cushioning representatives, to safeguard it versus incidental bumps that might trigger chips or scratches. Carry only one piece of glass at a time. Have 2 or more individuals or use lift-assist devices when handling large pieces of glass, as a way to lower any shear stress in the product (Glazier SWMS).

Implementing the Glass Installation Swms Properly

How to Compose Your Own Glazing Safe Work Method Statement, The fastest and most cost reliable service would be to buy a Bluesafe Glazing SWMS Template. However, if you choose to take the path of composing your own Glass Installation or Glazing SWMS, below are a couple of ideas to help.

By doing this, you can use the same SWMS Template and then change the file for each different glass setup or glazing task as required, making certain that your Glazing SWMS Template addresses any website specific risks. There are some basic requirements and info which you may want to consider including to your Glazing SWMS such as: Details of the person(s) responsible for making sure implementation, monitoring and compliance of the Glazing SWMS as well as any evaluations and adjustments.

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Any changes contributed to the Glazing SWMS after an occurrence or a near miss. Note: The Glazing SWMS must be kept and be offered for evaluation at least till the glass setup or glazing work is completed. Where the Glazing SWMS is modified, all variations of the SWMS Template must be kept.

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